I’m A Newbie.

I was just wondering how did those bloggers earned respect and the attention of the readers. (yeah i feel a little envy about that. hahaha.) shoutouts to all of you! Can somebody out there help me with my blog? I pity myself about this thing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I ┬ádon’t know how to make my blog catced on the others. Maybe the tags are not connected on this article that I’m actually riting. hahahaha


The set of competitors all over the country are settling their list for the registration from May 11, 2014- May 15, 2014 at the Philippine Sports Commisson. The Baxafra Armor team have registered their new sets of competitors for the first time that they will join this event. Other competing teams are Paclibar Bicol, Polytechnic University, RTU, TCU, Air Force and others. The full contact will start on the 17th of May at exactly 1pm. Pugay!