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I'm an Arnis Enthusiast and willing to promote a quality king of Filipino owned sport and martial arts. ARNIS is running to my blood filled with passion and dedication. I want to share what we are, what we do and what are going to be.

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The set of competitors all over the country are settling their list for the registration from May 11, 2014- May 15, 2014 at the Philippine Sports Commisson. The Baxafra Armor team have registered their new sets of competitors for the first time that they will join this event. Other competing teams are Paclibar Bicol, Polytechnic University, RTU, TCU, Air Force and others. The full contact will start on the 17th of May at exactly 1pm. Pugay!

I want you to meet my team in Philipiine Normal University including the alumni, my coaches and future teammates.


What is Arnis?

So I’ve been posting since yesterday things that may come up with Arnis and I’m talking much of it

but I forgot to introduce what really Arnis is. So here’s some introduction of it. (sorry guys if I had

this way too late, I just got excited BLOGGING.) :

Arnis (also called Kali or Eskrima) is a generic term for the deadly martial arts of the Philippines.  It contains both barehand and weaponary arts – everything that has got to do with fighting. The  barehand combat include boxing, wrestling, grappling, pressure points and locks.  Weaponary arts include swords, sticks, staffs, knives, nunchakus, sai and all sorts of “weapons of conveinence” like the hankerchief, walking stick.  Contrary to uninformed public opinion,   Arnis is not only a stick fighting art.

Unlike other martial arts (eg. Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do),  Arnis has not been exposed to the West until recently and thus retained more of its original essence.  It is thus very different from most other systems known to the West.

Arnis places emphasis on using and defending against weapons.    In the practical world,  a knife or machete is regarded as a dangerous weapon that is easily obtained and used in conflicts.   Therefore,  Arnis practitioners familarise themselves against knife and machete attacks.  Unfortunately, this important aspect is not emphasized in other martial arts.

Arnis requires that the whole body moves as a single co-ordinated unit,  involving usage of all muscles.  Flow of movement is emphasized.  Its practice is therefore excellent for co-ordination.

Arnis regards the arms/legs as weapons.  Therefore, the techniques that are used for swords/sticks/knives are the same ones used in empty-hand combat.  “Weapons are just an extension of the arms”.  Students do not need to memorise so many techniques as in other martial arts.

The main weapon of entry when learning Arnis is generally the stick or baton.  This is very convenient to obtain and carry.   The elderly and handicapped will easily adapt their walking cane to Arnis.  Exercise with a stick is very beneficial to enhance fitness and vitality.

Unlike most other martial arts,  strength and speed is not an important factor in Arnis.   Thus,  it is suitable for ladies,  the young,  and the elderly.

In short, Arnis is :-
*  Extremely practical self-defence
*  Great all-round exercise for health
*  Great for fitness and co-ordination
*  Deadly Art of Empty-Hand, Stick, Sword, and Knife Combat
*  Uncomplicated and easy to learn
*  Performed effortlessly – no strength required
*  Suitable for all ages and sexes
*  Complete system of martial arts
*  Based on the blade, but applied to empty hands and all weapons
*  Spiritual Way of The Warrior
I hope that description of Arnis might add up to your interest in learning this sport and Martial Art.


Maestro Ronaldo Baxafra in his fighting stance position with his doble-baston “double-stick.”

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