Why Study Arnis?

“Arnis? Aaaahhh! The stick fighting martial arts? So when you don’t have the stick you can’t fight anymore and all that you’ve learned are useless.”

I remembered this line said by a taxi driver whom we informed that we are teaching Arnis.

Well, that one is the most common misconception of people when they hear the word ARNIS, 

well probably the first interpretation of people about this martial art is always accompanied with

stick handling. We all know that Arnis Stick or “Baston” may not come in handy anytime and

anywhere but the most impressive thing about this is the skills that you’ve learned when using

the stick can be converted into empty hand. Isn’t AMAZING? Isn’t SURPRISING?

Not just like when you are studying other martial arts, at first you will learn fom empty hand to handling weapons,

(that was just way too long and consume much of your time.) Unlike ARNIS, you will be taught on how to use the

weapon and as time pass by you will be taught on how to convert those techniques in strikin, grappling and taking

down your opponents. You must watch my first post to understand what I’m talking about. 🙂 Basically speaking

learning  ARNIS is very practical.





Eye and Hand Reflex Training.


Maestro Ronaldo Baxafra and Ardel Gabane Carcellar at Chinese Garden,Rizal Park.



  1. It’s a bit sad that many people even fellow Filipinos thought that Arnis is just all about stick fighting. They don’t know that the stick drills can be translated into knife fighting, and of course, empty hand fighting. I hope that’d change soon.

    1. You’re right madam. Our FMA feels like a stranger on its own country, many Filipinos preferred t ostudy taekwondo, karate and judo than arnis. That’s why I’m promoting Arnis here so many people will be aware of what truly is Arnis.

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